General Functionality

Roommate matching

Our system will help your service members find compatible roommates providing in-depth roommate matching with lifestyle & personality factors, as well as household preferences. A good roommate is someone similar to you on a variety of variables. Roommate matching includes dwelling description/preferences, personal demographics, interests, attitudes and opinions preferences.

Rental ads

Along with Roommate Matching service, you will be able to provide rental services. Home owners will list their properties for rent with full description, photos and videos and its display on one of the integrated maps. Renters will indicate their preferences reflecting on what they are looking for.
There is internal calendar for rental listings available. All dates on arrival/departure as well as booking dates can be entered.

Data Management

Search Options

Your site members will have 2 property search options available: “looking to lease” and “looking to rent” either in “Roommates” section of the site or “Rentals” one depending on their objectives.
The search is made by means of 7 parameters: type of operation (lease/rent), property type (apartment complex, beach property and so on), location (country, state/region, city), number of bedrooms, with/without photos, move date and price. Search results are sorted out by: move date, price, publication date and other parameters. Also there’s Advanced Search Option available to broaden search criteria.

Photo, video, maps

Photos and videos can be added to Roommate or Rental Ads. Video files are stored in FLV format that allows site visitors view video files right on the site like on YouTube. Photos are displayed with your custom watermark (either your logo or some text on your choice) that prevents stealing your site ads content. If location of the property is indicated, it will be possible to view it on a map. Site administrator can choose what web mapping service application to be used for displaying property location from Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

The period of the ad to stay active

Administrator can set the time period for the ads to remain active once they are posted. After it expires, the ad will become inactive and won’t appear in search results.
There is also a possibility to set the status “Leased” for the leased property in case this option is turned on. Ads with such status are displayed in search results with a special icon.

Site administrator can also set a limit of listings for members in ‘Private person’ status.

Property type

The site represents 41 property type: starting with mobile home and apartment and finishing with island. You can either broaden it or limit via administration panel.

Property description

Extensive property description via different characteristics including 28 types of accommodations, 19 types of appliances, 18 types of activities available in the neighborhood, 18 types of environment, surroundings and other attributes needed to present rich description of the property.

Description of a person

It is important to have exhaustive personal information, when searching for someone with whom you might share a roof, considering the qualities of your ideal roommate. The questionnaire includes such information as “House rules” (pets, quests, parties, tidiness, smoking habits etc), food preferences, interests, sport activities, appearance description and more.

Multi search option.

You can search by different locations at a time. The script saves search history which can be used for creating location preferences in search. You can set one of your location search preferences as primary. Primary search location will be used by default in all the search forms.

Keyword search.

Using this feature your site members will be able to search for suitable variants by keywords in ad description, headline, comments, loaded files, location and author’s info.

View variants that match your criteria

Once you have created your own ad, you can use the option “View variants that match your criteria” and get a list of results according to your ad requirements.

View Statistics for your ads

Your site members can track the statistics for their ads and see who viewed them, browsed their profile, added to Hot List or showed interest. Also, there’s a Black List option to get rid of officious users.
– All members’ listings are provided with search friendly links.
– Site visitors can print ads.

How to contact you

Every ad contains contact phone number. Members can also make use of internal mailbox system and online contact forms.


Members' notifications

In order to make your service members remember about you, there are 25 built-in system notifications by email. Some of them are:
1. Congratulation on registration with the login details.
2. Possible matches found alert.
3. There is a new message in your mailbox alert.
4. Someone viewed your profile alert.
5. Someone interested in your listing alert.
and much more.

Administrator's notifications

The following system alerts are sent to site administrator:
1. Account deactivation with reason provided.
2. Online contact form submission (users’ improvement suggestion).
3. Online contact form for Agency.
4. Members complaints submission.

Site administrator can preview the way each notification looks like, edit the text of the body of the message and its subject. All notifications support multi languages interface and are sent in the language interface a member chooses while registering on the site.

News & Text Pages

In the section news you can post your service or industry news.
The system includes preinstalled RSS aggregator. You can add RSS feeds from other sites and have them posted on your site.
You can fill up information for your site members with the following sections: “About us”, “Privacy policy”, “Terms of use”, “Help” and “Testimonials”. These informational pages support multi language interface and will be displayed to site visitors in the language they choose as site interface language.
Administrator can add more sections into top or bottom menus, change their order and manage their content.

Paid Services

You can charge your site members for their membership on the site.
Also there are different paid services available to make a listing featured:
– Slide-show is a paid option that will allow your site visitors make their listing more attractive with a series of photos displayed one-after-another.
– Lifting up a listing in search results. Your site visitors will be able to make their listing(s) appear higher in search results using this service.
– Leader of the region service. Make a listing featured in the region means the possibility of making your listing photo and greeting text appear on the main pages of the website. The listing becomes “Leader of the region” if you pay some amount which is higher than the amount paid by the current leader.

Payment systems

The following payment systems are included: PayPal, 2checkout, CCBill, Chronopay, Authorize.Net, E-Gold, USAepay, WorldPay, Paysat, E-sec, Ipos and other.

SMS payments are also supported!

Site Administration

Users section

Users management: you can add, import, activate/deactivate users, move them to paid or free group. Administrator can view the statistics for their activity: registration information, correspondence, listing addition, payments made.


Administrator can view the info on the users’ payments: how much was added to the account, what services have been paid for. Administrator can manage all paid services of the site via admin panel. You can grant different permissions for different groups of users, setup the payment system to receive payments from your users.
Any currency can be added in administrator’s panel to be used on the site.

Content management

The system has 99 parameters for property description, people description is made by means of 42 parameters. You can modify the questions and variants of answers. Site administrator can manage the following site sections: About us, Privacy Policy, Terms of service, Help and Testimonials. There is built-in WYSWYG Editor available so that you could modify these pages easily. Help section allows administrator to post useful information for site visitors. In Bad Words section you can set the words that will be prohibited for display on the site. All pages are SEO friendly for search engines indexation.

Multi languages support

The system supports multiple languages. If you want your site to operate in a few languages, you can easily setup this and translate all the menus and future site content: add new languages to your web site easily using administration panel, set one or more default languages, edit existing languages, create and post tips for your site users.

Other site administrator's features

  1. There is an option to choose the way listings are displayed on site pages. It can be latest added, most popular by number of views or sponsored.
  2. There is a dedicated section available in administrator’s panel to manage his own ads on the site.
  3. Administrator now can set parameters for bonuses provided to site members for filling in their listings.
  4. It is now possible to set custom server error messages that will be displayed if there is this or that server error.
  5. New additional module available – Advertising Campaign Module – for displaying any advertising on your site: banners, hyperlinks, contextual advertising from Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. You will be able to adjust the settings of each advertising campaign with detailed statistics provided.

A ready-made roommate site with a complete set of features to start and run a successful online business within shortest time possible.