Start your own roommates and rentals community website!

Rommate matching software solutions for those who want to be Roommate online service owner and to get profit


The product lets you find variants for rent or lease and look for roommates. Due to a big amount of additional features, Roommate Finder Solution allows to make your service convenient, interesting, easy and attracting for most of your site visitors.


Core advantages for you are minimal time & money expenses at initial stage, no specific programming knowledge for site maintenance and a lot of possibilities to get profit online. There are millions of people who are looking for a roommate, for a room to rent or have a room to lease. You can give them all a place where they can connect and find that they want.


A ready-made site with a complete set of features to start and run a successful online business within shortest time possible.

Roommate matching

Our system will help your service members find compatible roommates providing in-depth roommate matching with lifestyle & personality factors, as well as household preferences.

Paid services

Wide list of payment systems and fee-based services. All paid services can be easily managed via administrator’s panel of the site.

Search Options

2 property search options are available: “looking to lease” and “looking to rent” either in “Roommates” section of the site or “Rentals” one depending on their objectives.

News & Text Pages

You can fill up information for your site members in different sections, such as “About us”, “Privacy policy”, “Terms of use” etc.These informational pages support multi language interface.

PG Roommate script

We withheld the development of PG Roommate software as a standalone product. You can request a trial of the Roommate script for evaluation. Please contact us to receive a free trial. Also, we recommend taking a look at the latest version of our leading product PG Real Estate.

If you have programming skills, this option is best for you.

You can dowload Open Source PG Real Estate software for FREE and customize it to your own demands. Also you can enhance your site with modules and add-ons from our Marketplace.

PG Real Estate

Real Estate website builder is a ready-to-go solutions for real estate agents, brokers, companies and entrepreneurs with a larger set of functionality as compared to the Open Source version. Life-time, independent, powerful, multi-lingual, open source and highly customizable solution.


Customization, add-ons, rommate website templates

Your unique view on site and online business can be easily visualized with us. Design customization, any option implementation, fast pre-sale and technical support create a keystone for your success.

Experts team

Сontact Pilot Group’s own experts team. This is what we do:

  • Create roommate website from scratch.
  • Develop new features and customize existing features.
  • Develop mobile applications.
  • Manage API integrations.
  • Integrate payment gateways.
  • Configure servers.
  • Develop unique roommate site design & company brand.
  • Create logos, icons, banners.Implement ready roommate design templates.
  • Implement ready roommate design templates.