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– Powerful Real Estate Portal: property lease, rent and sale marketplace
– Independent Realtors
– Real Estate Agencies

Highly customizable, PG Real Estate Solution can be easily set to satisfy your demands. Choose the look of your site from numerous design templates or we can create a customized look for you.

NAR reports that 84% of home sales start with the Internet.
Capture your leads with PG Real Estate Solution!

Property Management

Listings syndication with major Real Estate Search Engines

Your listings can be automatically submitted to major listing databases such as Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Vast, Syndafeed, Yandex and more. More people will see your listings. More traffic will come into your site. It’s automatic. It’s free. Your clients will be happy to know their listing is seen by hundreds of people every day. This ensures that potential buyers can find and review your site properties and listings nationwide from your real estate website.

If you do not have your own database of listings yet, you can now populate search results of your website by listings from other resources – or any other in .XML format.

Extended List of Search Options

Our Real Estate CMS provides different search options with various property operations. Administrator can choose types of real estate operations that will be available on the site.
Along with Quick Search option, your site visitors will be able to use Advanced Search form specifying detailed property criteria. Search results can be sorted by means of different parameters.
Refine Search option adds search box on the left side of search results page to refine search criteria.

Site users can save advanced search criteria and load them next time they are browsing for properties. There is also a possibility to set Search Preferences for Quick Search form that will be inserted into Quick Search form fields automatically each time when quick search form is displayed on the page.

Site members can search for a listing by its id; such search option can be enabled/disabled from administrator’s panel.

Search by keywords is another search option of our real estate script that allows to search by keywords from listing description, headline, comments, loaded files, location and listing owner’s info.

Site members can subscribe to RSS Feed and receive RSS news on newly added listings that match criteria they specify: property type, type of property operation and location.

Property description

Property description is made up by a wide list of characteristics that can be broadened or limited via administrator’s panel.

Photos and videos can be added to a listing. It is possible to set the order of photos display, choose the one that will be displayed as default and add comments to each photo. Photos are displayed with your site’s watermark (either your logo or some text on your choice) that prevents stealing your site listings content.

You can also add a video file from Youtube. Go to the video page on Youtube, copy embed code and paste it into a listing.

Virtual Tour. Virtual Tour feature allows creating panoramic tours of the property composed of panoramic images. Listings with linked virtual tours receive as much as 40% more views than those without virtual tours!

Each listing has a printable version, ‘send to a friend’ option and an option to add a listing to a comparison list. Rental listings include internal calendar that displays booked and available days.

Posting a listing can be paid or free. If you decide to charge site members for posting listings, it is possible to charge them for membership in a paid group to be able to post listings or charge site members for each listing or a certain number of listings for sale/lease. If you enable option to charge members for posting listings for sale and for lease, you can enter a number of free trial listings and period of activity for a listing.

Listing owners can mark a listing as ‘Sold’ or ‘Leased’.

Import/export of listings. Import/Export of listings. Site members can import or export their listings with listing images.


If location of the property is indicated, it will be possible to view it on a map. Site administrator can choose what web mapping service application to be used for displaying property location from Google, Bing and Yandex Maps.

Weather Gadget

The weather gadget is available on a listing page and displays weather report in the location specified in the search form. Weather gadget is a one more way to make your website more informative and useful for your visitors.

Mortgage Calculator

Another tool that will help your website to establish itself as a valuable Real Estate resource. The calculator is displayed in website search results and allows calculating mortgage payment and create amortization schedule. If you do not need it, you can easily disable it in the administration mode.

Site notifications

Our real estate script provides a wide list of site notifications for both site members and site administrator. There are many notifications for site members to be in the course of their account status on the site and listings alerts.

Administrator has full access to site notifications management. All site notifications are sent in text format and can be previewed or modified in administrator’s panel. Notifications are multilingual so administrator may have different texts for notifications of each site language version.

Site News, RSS Feeds

There is a special section for posting site and industry news on the site. Administrator can add news using built-in WYSIWYG Editor or add some RSS Feeds to load news from other Internet resources. It is possible to post different news and add different RSS Feeds for each site language version.

There are different ways administrator can setup and run paid services:

Featured agents, featured agencies, lifting up a listing in search, posting listings, showing agency logo or agent photo in search, contacting a user, slide-show of listing photos, highlighting a listing and banner ads. Our real estate script includes a wide list of preinstalled payment systems and allows you to accept payments via 2Checkout,, Fortumo, Google Wallet, Offline payments, Paygol, Paypal, Pencepay, Robokassa, Skrill, SMS Coin, Stripe and Webmoney. A number of them accept SMS payments. There is a possibility to accept Offline Payments on your site such as Cheque, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Instant Money Transfers like Western Union and more!

Site Administration

Administration panel was designed with usability principles in mind basing on usability tests and developed conception to improve its efficiency (improvements in performing everyday tasks) and ease of learning striving to make it easier for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they enter admin mode.

Administrator has full access to members management, billing settings, site sections management and other site parameters.

Billing Settings

Billing Settings are under full administrator’s control. Here administrator chooses payment systems that will be available for processing payments on the site, currency and manages paid services of the site (see Paid Services section above).

Along with 13 preinstalled online payment systems, administrator can enable Offline Payment option. It can be bank transfer, check, cash, instant money transfer or any other offline payment. If it is activated, administrator adds information on offline payments he offers in administrator’s panel by means of WYSIWYG editor. If a member chooses offline payment option, he/she follows the instructions provided by administrator and after that sends information on the payment to site administrator using a special form. Administrator can either approve or decline it in administrator’s panel after payment verification. Corresponding notifications are sent to site administrator and site user.

The following Currency Management options are available: choose a default currency, set up any currency format, enable automatic update of currencies rates.

Administrator can view payments history for each member and all payments made on the site with the possibility to sort results by different criteria.

Members Management

Members management is represented by a dedicated section of administrator’s panel that allows viewing site members list with their account details, listings, balance, check their correspondence via internal messaging system, disable access to the site or remove completely from the database. New user can be added manually.

Administrator can add funds to any member via administrator’s backend. There is also a possibility to add funds to all site members in case you decide to organize some marketing campaign.

Registration Confirmation option: if it is enabled, new member’s profile becomes active only after clicking confirmation link sent to his/her email address. Without confirming registration a person will not have access to site sections.

Members Uploads Approve: administrator can enable approve option for photos, videos and virtual tours added to the listing. Before administrator approves uploads, they will not be available on the site.

Site administrator can now move one or more site members from one group to another specifying period of membership in the selected group.

Listings Approve. If enabled, listings will need to be verified by site administrator before going live on website. Beside approving or disapproving listings, administrator can also modify or remove a listing awaiting verification.


The new feature allows creating moderators who will be responsible for management of certain administration mode sections. You can create multiple moderators assigning them different permissions: moderator who will work on paid services of the site and check payments, moderator who will approve members, their listings and uploads etc. Moderators will view only those menu items access to which was granted by site administrator.

Languages management

PG Real Estate CMS supports multilingual interface. Currently there are 8 languages – English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic. Administrator can add more languages easily using backend interface of the script. It is also possible to modify the texts of the existing languages inclusive of user mode texts, admin mode texts and menus items.

Site Sections Management

Administrator can add/edit/remove sections and subsections of Top and Bottom Navigational Menu and change the order of their display by means of built-in WYSIWYG Editor.

Menu items can be different for each site language version.

SEO Metatags

SEO Metatags is a section of administrator’s panel that allows site administrator to enter metatags (title, description, keywords) for main site pages which are divided by page name.
It is possible to enter different metatags for each site.

If you decide to use some web analytics tool to generate statistics about your website visitors, such as Google Analytics, you do not need to insert the script of the program into the code now there is a special area in administration area that allows inserting the script and its execution on all website pages.


Mobile site version

The module will allow your website visitors search real estate wherever they are on their mobile phone. Mobile website is a new window into real estate search with advanced search options, pictures, saving favorite properties and much more. Expand your sales and marketing to a totally new market!

Banner ads

This section helps display any advertising on your site: banners, hyperlinks, contextual advertising from Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. You will be able to adjust the settings of each advertising campaign. Track effectiveness with detailed statistics provided.


Powerful marketing tool that will allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletters and send them out to your site members. Site members are segmented into different mailing lists automatically according to their type (Private Person, Real Estate Agency or Agent of Real Estate Company) so that you could make effective targeted mailing informing your site members of promotions, site news and more.

Support & Services

Installation wizard

The real estate website software is developed so that you’ll enjoy installing it and its modules. It’s easy to run our real estate script installation in your browser and then insert the database information to finish website setup.

No monthly or annual fees

You will receive the product updates free of charge during 12 months after your order. After that you will be able to prolong the license if you want or continue using the products without any additional fees. If you need some additional features in your script, feel free to ask us. We will try to do our best and add the needed functionality.

100% free technical support

Free technical support is provided during 12 months after your order. You’ll get all necessary advice and instructions. Our support team is trained to help you with your questions on real estate software usage, management and installation. Becoming our client you get your own support manager to track your site from the very beginning and to deal with all your requests. You get free technical help and advice any time you come to us.

100% free installation

Software can be installed at your server by our professional Support Team. If you wish you can install the software yourself.

Installation instructions and user manuals

Manuals are available in the section Manuals.

Regular Updates/Upgrades Guarantee

We are constantly working on our script’s improvements enriching it with new features and functionality to keep our experts ahead of their competitors. We are always glad to receive your wants, ideas and suggestions. We have a dedicated team working on their realization.
You can track our script’s Version History with our press releases.

Customization services

Open source version is available. The product can be easily customized and new features added. Just request a quote for your customization requirements for any of our products advanced features.

Hosting Service

You can host your Site at our server. We provide highly professional support and acceptable hosting plans for reasonable prices. Please contact our Support Team if you decide to host with us.

Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services

Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services and other useful tools for your business are available at our partner web-site provided by GoDaddy (domains market leader).
100% FREE technical support of domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services etc. is provided by our partner GoDaddy. We do our best to offer all you need in one place!