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Property description

Detailed description

Property description is made up by a wide list of characteristics that can be broadened or limited in administration panel of the real estate website builder.


It is possible to upload several images at a time, set the order of images display, choose the one that will be displayed as default and add comments. Images can be complemented by your site watermark (logo or text) to prevent stealing your site listings content.


Administrator can choose a web mapping service application which will be used for displaying property location – Bing, Google Maps including Google street view or Yandex Maps. The latter 2 have advanced settings (map types, zoom level, amenities, icons, and more).

Booking calendar

A rental listing has a booking calendar to show available and booked periods.


Your site visitors thus will view video files right on the listing page without opening a popup window.

Listing provided by

Every listing is accompanied by information about a person who posted it and a contact form. When you are logged in, the contact form is filled in with your details, so you just need to send a form.
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