What’s next?

Sep 29, 2015
“What’s coming next?” – this question is often asked by customers who think about updating their real estate site.

It all depends on specific requirements.

If a website is based on a cms real estate which is frequently updated by its developer, site owner can refresh its look and introduce new options to site members without much effort and time.

Unlike its competitors, PG Real Estate script can boast of the following advantages:
– New versions of PG Real Estate are released at least four times a year;
– Updates usually include a bunch of customers’ wishes and improvement suggestions;
– New versions are provided for FREE within 1 year since the purchase.

Of course, the improvements of a new version may not always satisfy every PG Real Estate customer. This is why it all depends.

Let us share our ideas for the next version to help you decide whether to update now or next time.

One of the things we work at now is a search results page. A couple of important aspects about the page:
– Search results is one of the most selling pages on a real estate site.
– Search options, listings and map are the most important components.
– Listing description should be short on the one hand and informative on the other hand.
– Site guests may need to view listings in a list or on map, both modes should be user-friendly.
– The page should look properly on screens of computers and tablets.

Ready to compare the search page before and after? Here you go: