Vote for the module to develop for PG Real Estate

Feb 11, 2016


Recently we have collected our customers’ ideas about necessery modules and add-ons for PG Real Estate CMS. Today we present you the list of finalists you can vote for! The best idea will be implemented into the software and the winner will get this module for free!

Choose the best, help us make a better product for you.

  1. Related services – a special section, where professionals like Contractors, Interior Designers, Notaries etc. will be listed.  Users can search and contact them city wise. This option can be paid or free for professionals.
  2. Listings autoposting to Facebook. All approved listings from your site will be posted in your facebook groop as well! This option can be paid or free for your users.
  3. Compare properties.  Your users will be able to add properties to the comparison list and check them in comparison table.
  4. Draw the area for Google map. While your users searching on the map, they will be able to  can  draw an area over the map to check properties in the encircled area.
  5. Plug-in booking module with on site payments.