PG Real Estate – the release of two editions

Sep 29, 2015

In June, 2015 we announced the release of two editions on the basis of our real estate script – real estate site and real estate portal.

The idea of offering two different editions is to meet requirements of two different types of audience – real estate professionals and entrepreneurs.

Real estate agents, agencies or brokers tend to create more or less standard real estate sites aimed to introduce their services, properties they work with and drive leads.

Entrepreneurs’ wishes are usually more diverse. Their sites are more user-centric. They initiate communication, feedbacks, ratings, comments and likes. In other words, these are portals with user registration and online activity. And this difference is inherent in these two editions.

Another good piece of news is that a real estate site has become more cost-effective. The reason is the fact that part of real estate portal features are not included into the real estate site. Thus, there is no need for a real estate agent, agency or broker to overpay for the features they do not actually need.

Apart from its core features, both editions of PG Real Estate support extra features. There are mobile applications for iOS and Android-based phones and tables, Aviary photo editor, Listings widget, Live chats, Import of listings from IDXBroker, Listings export to top real estate portals, Advanced SEO settings and a wide range of European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages. All this will help a real estate professional or entrepreneur start a modern, feature-rich and competitive real estate site or real estate portal.

Contact us to learn more about the two editions of PG Real Estate.