New version, new modules and some minor changes

Oct 12, 2015

PG Real Estate 2015.11 eng

We are happy to announce the release of PG Real Estate 2015.11 version for Agency site and Real Estate Portal . The release includes new modules, design changes and general software improvements. Some of them apply to both editions, while others refer to one only.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

IP Language identification

The module automatically determines users’ country language and use it as a main site language. If your site doesn’t have a translation for necessary language, the default language will be applied.

Country IP identification

Users will primary see listings from their location. Also the search form will autocomplete location field with necessary location.

Google Map Dynamic Block

Place a Google map with listings on your index page. Use different settings to display different areas for customers.

Booking module

Booking is now available for unauthorized users.

We’ve also changed the search results page to make it look properly on screens of computers and tablets and implement some minor changes to user profile.

You can test new version of PG Real Estate here.