Monetization of Real Estate Portal

Sep 29, 2015

PG Real Estate software is a ready to use solution for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs.

Software is represented in two editions: real estate site and real estate portal. The basic idea of offering two different editions is the following:

Real Estate Site is built for real estate agents, brokers and agencies. All properties are listed only by authorized team members. The website is used as a catalogue of listings to attract more prospective buyers.

Real Estate Portal represents a real estate portal with guest registration, moderation tools, paid services, communication tools, comments and ratings. Properties are listed by guest who registers as a private persons, agents or agencies.

In this article we will discuss Real Estate portal and monetization tools which it possesses.  PG Real Estate Portal edition offers a wide range of paid services, subscriptions and banner ads. Let’s study them out one by one below.

Paid services

1. Contact user.

Listing’s owner contact details are hidden. In order to contact him/her, user has to pay. Service allows to set a price for a certain number of contacts. Once the information is opened, it won’t hide again.


You set it as a paid service and user can purchase a place into this block on the index page of the site for his/her profile and listings.

3. Highlight listing in search.

The service allows to highlight listing in search results with a special background color.


4. Lift up listing in search. Also available Lift up listing in search for a selected city, region and country.

Search results on the site are sorted by date, that is latest listings will be displayed higher in search results. Site members can lift up the listing in search results using this service. Enter cost for the service and activity period:


5. Post listing.

You can make posting listings for sale and for lease paid using this setting. To add a new cost, enter number of listings and cost for the publishing.

You can enter period during which listing will be active or don’t use period at all. In this case listings won’t expire:


6.Show agent photo in search results.

The service will display agent photo instead of default picture in search results. Compare:


7. Slide-show listing.

This service allows a member to outline his listing; photos of the listing will be displayed as attractive slide show. Set the length of slide show display for every site usage.

Enter cost for the service and activity period:


8. Create  different combined packages from existing services


Subscriptions (or memberships)

There are two options available for site administrator – enable paid services separately or create subscriptions plans. Every subscription plan includes a number of paid services with certain fee and activity period. Administrator can create as many subscription plans as he wants. Site members will see a user-friendly comparison of available subscriptions plans.


Banner ads

There is an option to add image and html banner ads by administrator and users. Banners can be placed at the top, at the bottom and on the right side of the website. Banner advertising is another fee-based service for site members, each banner requires approval. Administrator can adjust the settings of each advertising campaign and track effectiveness with detailed statistics provided.


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