How to Choose a Payment Gateway for a Real Estate Site

Sep 29, 2015

Real Estate site can earn profit not only by selling your property. E.g. PG Real Estate solution offers a wide list of fee-based services and banner ads which you can use on your site. Today we will tell you how to choose a proper payment system for your site to gain from them.

1. First of all, determine your target audience.

Are you going to go global or you want to run a local niche business? It is crucial as some payment processors support only local payments. So if you go global, check whether the payment gateway offers international and multi-currency payments or an interface with multiple languages.

2. Make sure a payment gateway has a minimal set of accepted payment types.

If users can’t pay using their cards you may lose them.  Your site should accept at least credit cards, debit cards and popular online payment methods like PayPal. The more payment types a gateway can handle, the better.

3. Study in detail the fees.

Different payment gateways offer different fee structures. They may charge you per each transaction or per month, it can be a fixed fee or based on a percentage of transaction amounts, they may charge you extra for chargebacks or international payments, etc.  Read terms and conditions carefully before making a decision.

4. Check for recurring payments.

In PG Real Estate you can use subscription model for monetization. If payment processor supports recurring payments, it helps you and your members to save time and avoid hassle. If not, your customers will need to renew manually subscription each month, which can be a huge pain.

5. Security is of a high importance.

Make sure you use a provider that is level 1 compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This confirms they have achieved the highest level in card data protection. Ensure they have the advanced solutions to protect your card payments and minimise fraudulent transactions.

6. Do they offer a proper support?

Commonly, payment gateways offer only email support. Ask them about average response time, telephone support, working hours. If your site accepts payments 24/7, make sure your payment gateway’s support team is available all the time, you may need them.

We enumerated only general points, you should pay attention to. As our software goes with integrated payment systems you just need to choose the one which suits you better.