Design inspiration in Real Estate websites

Sep 29, 2015
Are you a real estate broker, agent or private seller with a desire to extend your business into the Internet? Or maybe you want to start your real estate business online in the first place? In each case, the cheapest and easiest way is using а Real Estate website builder.

Ready real estate scripts require no programming skills at all and at the same time provide you with an advanced administration panel to manage every piece of the site. It is a common opinion that using the same real estate CMS that many other people use may get you just another of thousands of twin sites. In our today’s post we are going to dispel this myth as we present to you 5 sites based on PG Real Estate software, each of them as unique as it can be.



Hoteltosell represents a good idea of a niche site that specializes in hotels. It uses the slideshow on its home page together with featured listings to captivate viewers. It is a palmary example of using classic and sophisticated themes on a real estate website.

Costa Rica Eye


Buyers always look for additional information about the location, city, provided facilities etc. Costa Rica Eye is a perfect example of a site that describes the location, its climate and reasons to move there.



RealTronic is an example of modern design, focused on the business. It creates a corporate touch for the website.

Well, as is obvious from what has been said and shown the look and feel of your site is limited by your creativity only.  A lot can be done with the built-in tools of your chosen real estate site builder, however you may consider going for extra enhancements in terms of design and functionality. Customization can make your site truly unique serving your singular purpose.