Celebrate 15th Anniversary with Us!

Sep 29, 2015

We are turning 15 in December. This is the story of how our company evolved into what it is today, and how we plan to celebrate.

Pilot Group Ltd was founded in 2000 by Yanar Evdokimov and his friends, the ‘co-pilots’. The company’s business was general web development. Internet was only starting to infiltrate our lives, and a lot of companies did not have corporate websites or any online representation whatsoever. Pilot Group was doing different custom projects.

PG Real Estate script was built in about 2005. The product found his niche so we employed sales and support managers, designers, testers and other specialists to support and develop the project.

Over 10 years, PG Real Estate changed the platform, several designs, we released several dozen releases, built Marketplace for PG Real Estate modules, add-ons and services and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android.



Today PG Real estate – is a full-featured solution for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Our customers can choose between a free open code and enhance it with modules and add-ons from our Marketplace and ready packages. The same marketplace allows everyone to post and sell add-ons, design themes, and offer their services for our products.

We constantly working on PG Real estate to improve and adapt it to the modern reality. Quite recently we have announced new hosted solution, so that our customers can start their online real estate business as easy as pie. In our near-term plans we have CRM integration and responsive design.

As we approach the big date, we would like to share the anticipation with you. Every new customer who purchases a license of PG Real Estate until December 25 will receive a special gift from us.

As our first step, we have lowered the prices for mobile applications.

Check the new prices