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Your brand


Logotype is an important part of the site as it represents your company brand and fosters its customers’ recognition. With PG Real Estate CMS you can use your company logo, adjust its height and width and set a different logo for each language interface.

Promo content

Create an original introduction and put it onto the landing page of your site. Edit text in a WYSIWYG editor, upload images or use a flash file. Multiple language versions are supported.


Watermark is a good way to protect your site photos from copying. You can use text or image, define watermark position on listing photos and edit its opacity.


You can always remove visual PG Real Estate copyrights with your own info.

Property description

Detailed description

Property description is made up by a wide list of characteristics that can be broadened or limited in administration panel of the real estate website builder.


It is possible to upload several images at a time, set the order of images display, choose the one that will be displayed as default and add comments. Images can be complemented by your site watermark (logo or text) to prevent stealing your site listings content.


Administrator can choose a web mapping service application which will be used for displaying property location – Bing, Google Maps including Google street view or Yandex Maps. The latter 2 have advanced settings (map types, zoom level, amenities, icons, and more).

Booking calendar

A rental listing has a booking calendar to show available and booked periods.


Your site visitors thus will view video files right on the listing page without opening a popup window.

Listing provided by

Every listing is accompanied by information about a person who posted it and a contact form. When you are logged in, the contact form is filled in with your details, so you just need to send a form.

Monetization tools

Payment gateways

The php real estate web portal script supports a wide list of payment systems – Paypal, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Webmoney, SMS Coin, Fortumo, Google Wallet, Paygol, Pencepay, Robokassa, Skrill and Stripe. Offline Payments option is available for such transactions as Cheque, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Instant Money Transfers like Western Union, etc.

Banner ads

There is an option to add image and html banner ads through the back-end. Banners can be placed at the top, at the bottom and on the right side of the website. Banner advertising is another fee-based service for site members, each banner requires approval. Administrator can adjust the settings of each advertising campaign and track effectiveness with detailed statistics provided.

Paid services

Paid services and subscription plans are all adjustable to personal requirements. Fee-based services can be set up in a variety of ways.

Mobile friendly

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for iOS and Android based phones and tablets are a good competitive advantage. You will have a mobile application, which is under your brand, seamlessly synchronizes with site settings, supports multiple languages and currencies if required. Unlike iOS app, Android app supports additional tools to add a listing, add funds to account and pay for site services.

Open code mobile applications

If you feel the need to modify our mobile applications, we are glad to present our special offer – mobile applications for both platforms with open source code and technical documentation.

Mobile site version

With the mobile version you will get:
– A quick start. Being provided as a standard feature, your real estate site will meet high standards from the very start.
– Interface optimized for different screens. The mobile version is adjusted for screens of different mobile devices – phones and tablets. It has finger-friendly menu, icons and buttons.
– Site settings and content synchronized with the mobile presentation (languages, currencies, types of operations, property categories, user types, sections, etc.)
– A wide list of features for your site members (search, view listing, view listing provider profile, contact listing provider, send booking requests and track their status, etc.)

Import & export

RETS & IDX Broker

If you do not have your own database of listings yet, you can populate search results of your website by listings from other resources – RETS compliant server or IDXBroker service.


The backend of the site provides an option to import and export listings in .CSV and .XML formats.

Top portals

Listing syndication saves an incredible amount of time. With PG Real Estate you can syndicate listings to,,,, and More people will see your listings, more traffic will come to your site. Your clients will be happy to know their listing is seen by hundreds of people every day. This ensures that potential buyers can find and review your site properties and listings nationwide from your real estate website.

Customizable forms


There is a different set of fields for listings of different categories (residential, commercial, lots/land), e.g. “livable square” is not displayed in a commercial property listing.

Search forms

Search forms include a basic list of fields by default. You can build your own search forms by adding new fields and changing their order.


Profiles of private persons, agents and agencies may have a different set of fields too.

Social tools

Comments & ratings

There is a section that helps searching for local real estate agents and agencies, viewing their profiles, listings and rating their service quality. For professionals it is a great opportunity to promote own services and build an online reputation. For buyers and leasers, it is a good way to check whether a Pro is competent and reliable.


The following objects may require approval – listings, media files (photo, video, virtual tour) and agent reviews. If moderation is enabled, an object will need to be approved by administrator before going live on website. Beside approving or declining, administrator can also modify or remove an object awaiting verification.

Spam reports

It is important for a real estate portal to have quality content. Site owner can enable spam reports’ system, receive alerts and ban inappropriate content.


Real estate site members can send quick messages to each other.

Design changes made easy


With PG Real Estate script site colors are changed at a click of a mouse. Pick the main color and the system will suggest a color scheme for all parts of the site. You can edit suggested colors, create color schemes for special occasions and apply them as you need.

Blocks with dynamic content

There is a wide range of blocks with dynamic content that may appear on the landing page of your real estate site – promo section, search forms, listings, catalogues, info pages, agent profiles and HTML code (e.g. social plugins). You can add and arrange these blocks according to your requirements.


All menus of the real estate site are under your full control. You can link a menu item to your own or 3rd party site page.

Multiple content


PG Real Estate supports 16 languages (including right-to-left languages). Every page of the site can support multiple translation.


Listing prices can be quickly re-calculated from default currency to any other supported by website. The rates are either set manually or updated automatically with the help of online services ( or


There is a whole world countries database. You can have any or all countries on your real estate site. Depending on your settings, the database structure may have 3 or 4 levels (e.g. country – region – city – part of city).

Marketing & SEO

Site map

sitemap.xml is automatically generated for your real estate site and portal.

Advanced SEO

Custom URLs, analytics, tracker and robot.txt

SEO metatags

Administrator can edit meta tags (title, description and keywords) of main site pages (index page, quick search, news, contact us, etc.). If you decide to use some web analytics tool to generate statistics about your website visitors, such as Google Analytics, there is a special area that allows inserting the script and its execution on all website pages.


Powerful marketing tool that will allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletters and send them out to your site members. Site members are segmented into different mailing lists automatically according to their type (Private Person, Real Estate Agency or Agent of Real Estate Company) so that you could make effective targeted mailing informing your site members of promotions, site news and more.


High-quality service

We have the right-sized, right-priced hosting plans for you 100% working with PilotGroup.Net products. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 17/6 technical support and assistance in our company.


For all packages: controlling your account via cPanel control panel; access to the log-in statistics; Webmail; Cronjobs setting; PHP/MySQL support; Gdlib; PDFlip and other libraries; help with domain setup.

Unlimited bandwidth

We provide unlimited bandwidth for all hosting packages.


Dedicated support

You are in very save hands with our dedicated support team. Our average customer satisfaction level is 90%. You can live chat, phone and email us 20/6. Besides, there is a customer support center with pre-answered questions to help you find solutions faster.

Customer support center

Pre-answered questions and manuals to help you find solutions faster.

Templates, Add-ons, Experts


Choose a design for your turnkey real estate site and give it a completely new look and feel.


Powerful new features, services and plugins for your real estate site and portal.


PG Real Estate Experts team can do the extra modifications for you:
— Display your logotype in the application
— Adjust background color
— Adjust buttons color
— Adjust text color
— Add a new feature
— Create a unique banner for your main site that will lead to Google Play/App Store where your site members will be able to download the application from!
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